Inserter – System Palletless  is a unique device for gluing paper core feet  under a pallet load, e.g. piles of corrugated cardboard sheets, large outer cardboard packaging, etc. The whole process takes place automatically. The device selects adequate layout and number of paper core feet to be glued under the load, taking into account the dimensions of the load. It is possible to collect the product directly from a processing line and transport it with the use of a conveyor system to the Inserter. The layout of the paper feet stuck to the packaging allows transporting the load with the use of hand pallet trucks and forklift trucks.

Maximum parameters of the goods supported:

  • Width: 2400 mm
  • Length: 5600 mm
  • Height: no restrictions
  • Weight: 1.5 t
  • Capacity: 15 blocks/min


  1. quick return of investment
  2. No need to buy, store, maintain or transport wooden pallets
  3. optimum filling of the transport space on a truck,
  4. ecological solution, paper core feet are fully biodegradable



Paper core foot (block) - a unique solution replacing all sizes of pallets. The block is made of durable paper core wrapped with cardboard jacket. Due to such a design, the paper foot is characterized both by a very high compressive strength and an aesthetic appearance. This solution is most suitable for sticking under piles of cardboard or outer cardboard packaging. The use of paper foot significantly contributes to a reduction of costs. In contrast to alternative EPS blocks, this solution is ecological and uses only biodegradable components.