AGV operation

The AGV solution developed by RETNIG is based on a fairly adaptable modular platform that can be adjusted in terms of the size and weight of the load, as well as the type of the conveyor; modular, roller, etc.
Our AGVs are completely wireless, which eliminates the need to introduce induction lines, draw lines with special paints or introduce any other position markers on the floor. This helps to significantly reduce the cost of the project. AGV vehicles are controlled by an original RETNIG software, the so-called master unit that collects and allocates tasks to individual AGVs. Our vehicles are ideally suited to work in the so-called swarm (several to several dozen vehicles operating in one area).
The tasks the vehicles can carry out vary from transporting goods to exporting containers with waste. An additional advantage of our solution is the use of standard components of such brands as Sick, Baluff, Siemens and others, which facilitates work for the maintenance staff, who usually have such components available on hand.



Work efficiency

The designed power supply system of our AGV vehicles using Li-ion batteries allows for 14 hours of operation and 1 hour of charging. These values may change, depending on user-specific factors, such as: type and weight of the transported load, distance covered, number of pickup and delivery points, etc. However, the above mentioned performance values can be used as an efficiency indicator. Our AGVs are fully adapted to work 24/7 thanks to the automatic charging system.




When designing our AGV system, the main priority for us was to maintain the highest level of safety and we would allow no compromise here. Our AGVs are equipped with the best components available on the international market, such as: Sick scanners, a dedicated priority security system, e-stop buttons and a signalling system for people within close range. The solution ensures safety 360 degrees around the AGV. Our vehicles are also very quiet, which does not make them harmful to the environment even at constant operation and does not contribute to noise pollution in the work place. The AGV communication system -> the environment is based on visual messages